In order to provide for families stuck at home during these serious times, ZeevNG Kitchen is offering a limited menu of simple, delicious and nourishing food, available for pick up or delivery. With 24 hours notice, we can provide any of the dishes below for between 2-20 people. (Other dishes and custom menus are available upon request, subject to ingredient availability.)


o   Roasted Beets – Fresh greens, mango mustard vinaigrette, pistachio, grapes. 

o   Roasted Roots – Root vegetables, rosemary from the garden, garlic.  

o   Fennel Salad – Shaved fennel, citrus, mint. 

o   Fire Roasted Eggplant – Olive oil, cumin, sesame.

o   Asparagus – Sea salt, lemon. 

o   Squash soup – Charred corn, chipotle. 

o   Caramelized Onion Soup – Sourdough, leeks. 

o   Roasted Chicken – Quarter chicken, truffle, garlic, cumin, ZNG Garden herbs.. 

o   Bread Pudding – Farmer’s market berries. (Requires 48 hour notice) 


Zeev Nitzan Ginsburg has worked throughout the restaurant industry, from casual brunch establishments to some of LA’s top fine dining establishments, in addition to the nation’s largest high end caterer. As a certified food handler, the number one priority is sanitation and food safety. You can be assured that the food you receive has been prepared to the highest standards, and is wholesome and delicious. 

Quantities are limited, please reach out with any questions or to place an order. 

We will be using, as much as possible, ingredients sourced from local farmers, farmer’s markets, producers and other small and locally owned businesses. As such, we will make substitutions or other changes depending on what is seasonal, tasty and exciting! We also commit to being as near to zero-waste as we can. Our containers will be either biodegradable or reusable, we recycle, and we compost kitchen waste. 

This isn’t a for-profit business so much as it is a means for a young artist/cook to continue doing what he loves, which is to make people happy through food.

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